Auto Driving Lessons in Purton

Auto Driving Lessons in Purton

Auto Driving Lessons in Purton

Auto Driving Lessons in Purton

Auto Driving Lessons in Purton Auto Driving Lessons in Purton

KL Driver Training is one of the leading driving schools in the Swindon Wiltshire and surrounding areas. Over the years. We’ve helped hundreds of successful learners pass their driving test and go on to become highly-skilled drivers. We are here to assist you to learn how to drive Automatic & Manual car with confidence and to help you pass your Practical driving test as quickly as possible. By using our unique tried and trusted syllabus which we have developed, which is a simple step by step technique which will assist and equip you with your learning skills and behaviour aspects, all of which are important to be a safe driver.

KL Driver Training has been rated the number 1 driving school in Swindon for the last 3 years.

KL Driver Training is the only DVSA ORDIT Registered company in the whole of Swindon and within a 15 mile radius. Registered DVSA Fleet Driver Training and Taxi Driver Training company, Coaching hundred’s of corporate fleet drivers to become better and safer drivers.

Learners with KL Driving Trainers enjoy:

  • Friendly, professional and fully qualified and insured driving instructors
  • No car sharing or students picked up on route.
  • DVSA approved learning material.
  • Thorough practice of driving with all lessons.
  • Taste of all types of road conditions and layouts with learning.

Beginner Driving

Suitable for the complete novice or beginner. Lessons are tailored to each new driver’s needs and their individual speed of learning as assessed throughout your subsequent lessons.

Motorway lesson

Motorway skills may become a part of the driving test in the near future due to the high speed nature and obvious dangers of driving on

motorways at high speed.

So, whether you are a complete beginner (nervous students especially welcome), a learner unhappy with the progress you are making with your current instructor or an experienced  looking to brush up your skills then call or text us on  0800 048 7585 or drop us an email at




Auto Driving Lessons in Purton

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