Be Your Own BOSS

Be Your Own BOSS

Be Your Own Boss  

It’s a subject that everyone at some point has talked about.

Especially whilst on a paid tea break from your employer.   

There’s not a week that passes where one of my PDI’s (potential driving instructors) hasn’t asked me about my reasons for becoming self employed.

Their own personal motivation is mostly to be there own boss, beyond which they’re isn’t usually much else.  My motivation originally was the same.  

Being able to self govern without pressure from an external person, however being your own boss is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. 

In theory it should be the ideal, being in control with autonomy and freedom.  


However with it comes the hidden pleasures, responsibilities, financial pressures, advertising, and planning.

These extra pleasures are ones that really add to the amount of time an individual has to dedicate to their own business. 

The same 9-5 that workers complain about becomes an appealing thought when you are investing 14 hour days on average, every day into your business. 

There’s no such thing as a paid tea break let alone a lunch break. 

I share this information when I’m coaching my clients and it is always an eye opener to them as to how much is entailed in making ones own business a success. 

If you don’t plan ahead and advertise your services then your diary will remain empty, the same if you do not deliver a ‘good’ professional service then your reputation will not help fill your diary either. 


I once had a client who wanted to become a driving instructor as a means to change careers from being a policeman. 

Not to say that he hadn’t enjoyed his time but more that he was looking for a change due to nearing retirement. 

To maintain his confidentiality I will refer to him as Trevor, we first met when I was still training customers in London. 

Trevor had been in the police force for over twenty years.  

He had some really interesting stories and our sessions were always entertaining.

I could see he took his responsibilities really seriously and therefore knew that he would invest the time and effort into making his dream a reality. 

We would discuss options of how he could progress with establishing himself as self employed once qualified. 


What became apparent was his level of fear in not having someone to tell him what to do on a daily level. 

We had many sessions where I would listen to his concerns about being able to survive day to day. 

As well as his worry of using up all his police pension in investing in himself. 

We negotiated a plan and agreed easy to achieve objectives in order to meet the plan. 

Trevor passed his part 3 (final driving instructor) exam with ease and a high score. 

This really helped to boost his confidence. 


We then focused on his marketing and filling his diary. 

His clients gave him great feedback and had positive results. The aspect that Trevor found the hardest was marketing and selling ‘himself’ as the product. 

This started to build anxiety for Trevor so during his coaching we discussed this and agreed that the best course of action would be to join a driving school. 

He took the advice and joined with a national driving school.  

When I met him three months after his joining the driving school, for a coaching session he appeared confident and at ease which was a really nice thing to witness. 

We talked about his transition and how happy he was as it had taken away some of the pressures of being his own boss and allowed him to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

He felt in total control of his diary and working hours but the advertising was no longer his ‘headache’ (as he saw it). 

Being one’s own boss takes many skills and self realisation of one’s limitations is a large one. 


The independence of being your own boss is the ideal. However the pressures of making enough money to pay your bills and meet your costs at the end of the month can be all consuming if not managed.

There are no ‘magic’ rules that can make your business a success. Each self employed individual needs to find the balance of what works for them 

To succeed as a self employed business person requires many skills, whilst dedicating a large proportion of ones time and effort into a personally focused vision. 

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