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KL Driver Training has provided training to many individuals enabling them to successfully progress on their driver training pathway.

Kenny has used his ‘Six Simple Steps’ method to help instructors build their skills and knowledge base to achieve their goals making their personal dreams a reality. If you are a potential or approved driving instructor with a training need then do not delay contact Kenny today. See our success section for evidence of our trainees and their achievements.


PDI Training

KL Driver Training offers support for all three parts of the training process ensuring that trainees are fully equipped to meet the revised standards for each part that are set out by the DVSA.


Part 1:

Trainees are required to pass a theory test which consists of two parts one is a multiple choice test and the second is a hazard perception test. Trainees are required to pass both parts of the test in order to pass the part 1.

We are able to support trainees with advice and support in preparing for this stage.


Part 2:

This part focuses on the trainees’ driving ability, they are required to pass an advanced practical driving test. The DVSA requirement is that the trainee demonstrates a safe and professional standard of driving ability to a DVSA examiner. The test lasts 1 hour at the start of which the trainee will be required to pass an eyesight test and questions about general vehicle maintenance.

We are able to provide instructional support for trainees to meet the required standards for this part, the hours will be negotiated based on an initial assessment drive.


Part 3:

The trainee is required to demonstrate their instructional ability with a pupil in this part of the assessment, it is the last part before achieving ADI (approved driving instructor) status.

The assessment takes an hour and tests the trainee in the following areas, Lesson Planning, Risk Management and Teaching & learning strategies.

KL Driver training will ensure that all trainees meet the revised requirements for this part through instructional and theory support.


Approved Driving Instructors (ADI)

Standards Check.

All instructors registered on the ADI register are required every four years to go through a Standards check.  During this check a DVSA examiner will assess your ability to provide a client focused lesson.

KL Driver Training has helped many instructors achieve the required standards of this assessment, if you are anxious about the assessment or have failed the standard check please contact us today to help you achieve.

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