The effects of mood in all areas of our life is well documented, however I wanted to recount a scenario where a positive mood became the danger.

I hear you say how can that be? Normally it’s a bad mood that places you at risk, such as when you’re running late in the morning because the dog ate your socks or one of the kids had hidden your keys, but a good mood?!

Well it took me by surprise too initially, however thinking about the scenario made me analyse and understand it better.

I had, had a great day out with the family, good food, good company and great weather what more could I ask for. Feeling on top of the world I set off in the early summer evening to return home, there was no rush my family and I were just returning home.

Driving down the country road at 40mph chatting to my family whilst some jazz played in the background, I couldn’t have been more relaxed.

It was twenty minutes into the drive when on passing a small roundabout I noticed a van approaching us, I didn’t quite register what my eyes were actually seeing but my subconscious jolted my conscious state into activity.

What my eyes had actually seen was that this van was on the wrong side of the road and even more astonishing was the fact the driver was on his phone.

Immediately my reaction was to flash and sound my horn to alert him to my presence whilst checking my mirrors and managing my speed in anticipation of what could happen.

Thankfully after my sounding the horn the van driver realised what was happening and swerved his vehicle back onto his side of the road.

His face was visibly drained and he signalled an apology, this all took place in an instant and luckily no one was hurt.

Having read this you may question how did the good mood factor into the scenario, well on reflection I can see that my conscience mind was not focusing on the present, it was so relaxed enjoying the flood of endorphins floating about after such a lovely day. Had it not been for the stored memory in my subconscious mind that was still alert to danger, I may not have been able to respond so quickly.

It became apparent that the repetitive reinforcement of safe driving to clients was fuelling my own mind to remain safety alert at all times. Had this not been the case I’m sure that my small scenario would have become life changing.

What is obvious is that we are all vulnerable and the training we deliver to our clients is what will matter when they are by themselves.

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