Motorway Lessons



Motorways can present many challenges to individuals based on their prior experiences.

KL Driver training provides individualised motorway training to suit different needs some are listed below:

  • Remedial Training: for individuals who have been involved in motorway related incidents
  • Newly Qualified Drivers: for those who have recently passed their driving test and would like expert tuition on the motorway to enable them to feel confident to drive by themselves.
  • Buddy Sessions: these are designed for individuals who experience anxiety when driving on in motorway settings.


Main areas covered in the training sessions include:

Understanding motorway rules
Speed requirements
Joining/exiting safely
Maintaining safe distances
Changing lanes
Defensive driver techniques
Eco friendly methods
‘Smart’ driving guidance ( timing of breaks, preparation of vehicle etc)


If your request is not listed above please feel free to contact us as we do offer bespoke solutions for specific training needs.


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