Refresher Driving Lessons



Driving is an everyday activity which has become essential to many people, be it for work, social or domestic reasons.


It is also a skill which over time can change, whether that be because an individual has picked up some ‘bad’ habits or that regulations have changed which they are not familiar with.


In order to keep drivers informed and safe KL Driver training are able to offer support and guidance in the form of refresher driver training and assessing fitness to drive.


The training will be based on an initial assessment which is conducted in an objective manner identifying areas of learning which then can be worked on.


The groups of trainees targeted vary from those who passed their practical driving test some time ago to individuals who have passed recently but lack confidence. As well as:

training for those who have not driven for some time
Anxious/nervous drivers
Skills focused refresher sessions.
Change of vehicle
Post incident remedial work


Neurological disorders: assessing fitness to drive

Cardiovascular disorders: assessing fitness to drive

Diabetes mellitus: assessing fitness to drive

Psychiatric disorders: assessing fitness to drive

Drug or alcohol misuse or dependence: assessing fitness to drive

Visual disorders: assessing fitness to drive, 

Renal and respiratory disorders: assessing fitness to drive, 

Miscellaneous conditions: assessing fitness to drive,


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